Tuesday, January 24, 2006

deeply and profoundly and consistently wrong

John McIntyre hearing the sounds of Rove sawing off the tree limb.
In December, as the NSA wiretap story was unfolding and the debate on the Patriot Act was ongoing in the Senate, I suggested that Democrats had walked right into a trap with their relentless attack on Bush and the War:

“Not recognizing the political ground had shifted beneath their feet, Democrats continued to press forward with their offensive against the President. They’ve now foolishly climbed out on a limb that Rove and Bush have the real potential to chop off.”

On Friday, Karl Rove began to saw that limb off. In a speech before the Republican National Committee, Rove made it clear what the Democrats can expect in 2006.

"At the core, we are dealing with two parties that have fundamentally different views on national security….Republicans have a post-9/11 worldview and many Democrats have a pre-9/11 worldview. That doesn't make them unpatriotic -- not at all. But it does make them wrong -- deeply and profoundly and consistently wrong."

The left will scream foul that Republicans are challenging Democrats’ patriotism, but those complaints didn’t save Max Cleland’s senate seat or get John Kerry elected President. Why the Democrats continue to focus their attacks on national security related issues (Iraq, wire-tapping, Gitmo, and torture) is beyond me. I suspect a big reason is the Howard Dean/Moveon.org/DailyKos influence that is becoming increasingly more mainstream in the Democratic Party.


Larry Stevens said...

Bill, Rove is lying when he tries to paint Bush's critics as

1) Democrats only and
2) Not being interested in fighting terrorists.

Rove's reference to a "post-9/11 worldview" is code for trashing the constitution. Truth is, Bush's critics have a post-7/4 worldview.

We don't have to hand al-Qaeda a de facto victory by defenestrating the constitution.

Why do you guys hate America? Why do you hate our freedom?

Bill Baar said...

who's you guys?

...the Democarats are the only opposition really...

who else should Rove go after?

The Greens, Socialists, whom?

Ask moveon.org type Democrats --and I have-- who they fear most, Bush or Bin Laden, and the response is unabashedly Bush.

There is no threat to fundamental civil liberities today unless one thinks abortion is a fundamental right.

Liberals hard pressed to even name a victim.

No Liberal is taking up the cause of Aldrich Ames (his home searched by Clinton Admin with a warrentless search) or Jose Padilla who really should just be detained as a enemy combatant for the duration. Padilla no criminal and desrves no trial. He should just sit it out at Gitmo with his comrades.

To say Bush is a greater threat than Bin Laden is deeply and profoundly wrong; and I believe Amercian voters will say so --again.