Monday, January 02, 2006

Christian Century on Just War and a Universal Faith

This is Front Page over at Christian Century on Reasoning about war. The last sentence in the final paragraph stunned me. Here is the whole paragraph,
The U.S. and European nations have been trying for years to get Iran to drop its nuclear ambitions. The negotiations have some of the elements of the run-up to the Iraq war: ambiguous statements from the suspect nation, halting negotiations, and disagreements between Western allies. We may hear calls for a preemptive strike on Iran as the best way to address the threat. At that point, it will be important for Americans to remember both the failed intelligence on Iraq and the question that Murtha poses: Is there an overriding and demonstrable threat to the safety of the American people
Compare this with Rumsfeld's words spoken to Tim Russert March 23, 2002 prior to our invasion of Iraq
Russert: Yesterday in New York City, some 200,000 Americans took to the street and protested -- there's video -- across the world. What would you say to those protestors?

Rumsfeld: Well, I -- this is a free country -- people can have their own views, and they always have. In every war, there have been protestors. The American Firsters filled Madison Square Garden repeatedly with thousands of people before World War II while Europe was in flames, while millions of Jews were being killed, and the chant was, "Don't get involved in a war in Europe." It's a natural human reaction for people to want to avoid war.
Christian Century's Editors should read the whole transcipt between Russert and Rumsfeld because war is a grave responsibility before God, conscience and history and the moral calculus should not just weigh an overriding and demonstrable threat to the safety of the American people. Christain Century's taken that stance before, and as Rumsfeld told us millions died needlessly in the Second World war because American did not arm itself and act much earlier.

In a world with real threats of genocidal and nuclear attacks on Isreal; and Senators like Obama and Brownback jointly calling for interventions only the United States, working in concert with key nations, can make in Africa; it is deeply sad --really sickening-- that Christian Century can only ask American's to consider their own interests.

They're not professing a universal faith. Instead they're inciting a barbaric indifference to both threatened and real human suffering.

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