Friday, December 09, 2005

United Methodist Bishops on Iraq

I wish the UMC Biships would get off their pacifist duffs, and recognize when Al-Qaradhawi sees America's unjust and immoral invasion and occupation has brought free and fair elections to Iraqis then the US has down something we ought finish.

Democracy everyone's best hope for peace and truely the best hope for the poor and vulnerable and sometimes it takes the weapons of war to create it.

Mark D. Tooley writes about the Bishops (Bush and Cheney are United Methodist memebers, as H. Clinton I believe) in Flogging the President.
AMERICANS ARE BEING "sent to Iraq to kill and be killed," while thousands of Iraqis are "needlessly" dying, the bishops charge in the unofficial statement, adding that security depends not on "weapons of war" but helping the poor and vulnerable to "flourish."

They explain that they are praying for war to end everywhere, for "justice to roll down like waters," for an end to "prejudice toward people of other faiths and cultures," and for continuing "dialogue." They want to move beyond "caution rooted in self-protection" and "misguided public policies" in favor of "self-emptying love" and "unity in a world of diversity."

President Bush, like many of his fellow United Methodists, has mostly ignored the bishops' political posturing. (Although he did meet with a small group of prelates from the church last spring.) The secular media has likewise given their musings little coverage. Sadly, when simply they echo old bromides of the secular Left, the leaders of America's third largest religious body deserve to be ignored.

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