Saturday, December 10, 2005

That fellow Tom DeFrank's beef with Rumsfeld

Elephants in Academi deconstructs Thomas DeFrank's periodic reports of Rumsfeld's retirement. Sure fits my experience with work and careers in DC.

JIM LEHRER: Now, there was a story in the U.S. -- the New York Daily News today that said that White House officials expect you to resign early next year once this new government you just mentioned is in place. Is that true?

DONALD RUMSFELD: Well, you know, that's a fellow who does that about every six months.

JIM LEHRER: The fellow, what fellow?

DONALD RUMSFELD: This fellow for that paper.

JIM LEHRER: Tom DeFrank.


JIM LEHRER: So there is nothing fresh or new here?

DONALD RUMSFELD: No, except another story and six months from now there will be another one.

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