Sunday, December 04, 2005

Radical Losers

Hans Magnus Enzensberger writes The radical loser found via NormsBlog.

Many Liberals believe Islamic terrorism a misguided response to American over reach or unilaterilism; an Imperialist Blowback.

Enzensberger tells us it's the response of a Loser and as a German he knows something about losing.
The project of the radical loser, as currently seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, consists of organizing the suicide of an entire civilisation. But the likelihood of their succeeding in an unlimited generalization of their death cult is negligible. Their attacks represent a permanent background risk, like ordinary everyday deaths by accident on the streets, to which we have become accustomed.

In a global society that constantly produces new losers, this is something we will have to live with.
With WMDs so available this risk becomes intolerable. That's why Bush's Democratic revolution so important. We've got to create cultures that produce opportunities for people and fewer losers.

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