Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pictures of life in Cuba

Harry's Place posts these pictures taken by dissidents in Cuba.

The "Mad" SecState had better be planning because we'll have this human rights basket case in clinic before long.

See my earlier post on Gen Leonrad Wood.


smijer said...

My first temptation was to ask whether those pictures were taken in Cuba, New York, or Fallujah...

Actually, though, for a variety of reasons that have little to do with slums in Cuba or economic sanctions against them which serve the sole purpose of giving warm fuzzies to Cuban-Americans in swing states. It would be prudent for people of this hemisphere to be looking for opportunities to assist those Cubans who wish to establish a representative form of government in Cuba after Fidel's departure.

What's doubtful is whether Rice has the moral stature, and whether American diplomacy retains the moral authority, to lead on this issue in a constructive way. We'll see.

Bill Baar said...

Who would you assist now in Cuba wishing to establish a represntative form of government?

smijer said...

I guess whoever was involved in creating a legitimate movement aimed at working for these reforms, who desired the assistance. Legitimacy here being defined as, "can be reasonably expected to succeed with assistance, and can be reasonably expected to avoid tactics that infringe upon human rights."

And how? I guess that would depend on the situation. Certainly not by launching a full-scale invasion and occupation upon our own initiative... and not by continuing to destroy the Cuban economy through failed sanctions... So, I guess by regular diplomatic means, and through military assistance as it is required by those Cubans who led the movement.

Bill Baar said...

Do you support SecState Rices efforts with the planning committee?

What you ask the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to post these pictures on their website for example?

We need not wait for the United States Gov to do anything here.

smijer said...

I don't know what kind of efforts Rice is pursuing w/ the planning committee, so I can't support them. If they are legit, then yeah - probably.

Posting pictures at uusc? I don't know.. maybe. Though, I suspect conditions in Cuba have more to do with wrong-headed economic sanctions than with the undemocratic regime there. Of course, the Cuban slums are not unique in any respect, and authoritarian government is not unique to Cuba. I don't know much about the UUSC mission, or its work. I'm familiar with their anti-torture campaign, and contributed to the hurricane and tsunami relief campaigns, but that's about as much as I know about them. I can't imagine them putting pictures of Cuban slums on their page outside of some particular context, i.e. a repudiation of the sanctions policy or something like that. I wouldn't expect them to just post the pictures and then expect UUs and others visiting the site to immediately begin planning a Bay of Pigs type deal.