Sunday, December 11, 2005

Patrick J. Buchanan on the next Eugene McCarthy

Anti War dot com picks up a column by Buchanan asking Who is the Gene McCarthy of this generation?

I don't see anyone likc McCarthy out there. Just folks motivated by what Andrew Sullivan called the politics of resentment among the anti-War movement and the national Democrats.
When you have a movement based on resentment, when you have a political style that is as bitter as it is angry, when your rhetoric focuses not on those who are murdering partiers in Bali or workers in Manhattan, but on those democratic powers trying to defend and protect them, then your fate is cast. A politics of resentment is a poisonous creature that slowly embitters itself. You should not be surprised if the most poisonous form of resentment that the world has ever known springs up, unbidden, in your midst.

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