Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Obama and Brownback on Darfur

They have a column in today's Washington Post and applaud the bi-partisan foreign policy and their (particularly Obama's) acknowledgement of American exceptionalism,
Only the United States, working in concert with key nations, has the leverage and resources to persuade Khartoum to change its ways:
Jeff Weintraub quoted Eric Reeves in a post Children Within Darfur's Holocaust,
The deliberate destruction of children, on an ethnic basis, is the known and calculated policy of Khartoum and its Janjaweed militia---the inevitable consequence of a counter-insurgency strategy of civilian destruction, by various means, chosen with full knowledge. This is the atrocity the international community has chosen to accept, and before which it daily continues to acquiesce---responding only with humanitarian assistance and a conspicuously, radically inadequate African Union cease-fire monitoring force.

This is Sudan, suffering a long way off; too few care, and far too little.
I don't think it would take much in the way of military resources to destroy the Janjaweed and its seems a perfect mission for French Foreign Legion. France a key nation Obama and Brownback might suggest we work with in concert.

I watched Bill Bennet talk at Princeton's Conservative movement examined on C-Span a few days ago too, and he mentioned talking to Reeves about Darfur. Reeves said few of his students had much interest while Darfur was portrayed as a Muslim - Christian conflict, but their interest perked when it was portrayed as oppression of Black Africans instead of Christians. Sad observation by Reeves.

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