Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nick Cohen column on police torture and Germany's Metzler kidnapping

Nick Cohen is reviewing his old columns and here is another good one on the conviction of German Police for exceeding the limits with a suspect in the kidnapping of an 11 year old child.

A interesting point for us in the United States is this footnote at the end,
PS The police chief was also convicted by the German judges sitting without a jury as is the continental way. After this article appeared, Helena Kennedy QC wrote to point out that the case was an indirect vindication of the jury system and the Common Law. No British, American or Australian prosecutor would have dared put Wolfgang Daschner on trial for the simple reason that although he was technically guilty there wasn’t a jury in the Anglosphere which would have convicted him.
I like the German perspective on social and moral issues. It's framed by their experience of a whole people's moral collapse. One reason why I think Ratzinger a good choice as Pope.

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