Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nick Cohen asks where have all the pacifists gone?

Via Labor Friends of Iraq. Cohen examines the disarray in Britian's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament over Iran's build up of nuclear weapons.
The turmoil in small groups may seem trivial but it reflects the fracturing on the wider liberal left. In classic socialist terminology, we are seeing a fight between "anti-imperialists" and "anti-fascists". The anti-imperialists see US power as the greatest threat of our day. The reckless brutality of the Bush administration appals them, as does Tony Blair's willingness to go along with it. This view so dominates the mainstream liberal press and parts of the BBC that it often seems like the only left-wing view. The danger for the anti-imperialists is that they will end up on the far right. A few are already there. The anti-fascists see totalitarianism as the greatest threat of our day and say that in the struggle against it any democracy is better than every dictatorship. Our voice dominates only the left-of-centre weblogs.

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