Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lifson on the Liberal Bubble

And he says...
American liberals are able to live their lives untroubled by what they regard as serious contrary opinion. The capture of the media, academic, and institutional high ground enables them to dismiss their conservative opponents as ill-informed, crude, bigoted, and evil. The memes are by now familiar. Rush Limbaugh and the other radio talkers “preach hate.” Evangelicals are “religious fanatics” comparable to the Islamo-fascists in their desire to impose “theocracy.” Catholics observant of the teachings of their church are “hypocrites” and their priests possible “pedophiles.” Jewish conservatives are members of the “neocon” cult, a suspicious lot schooled in the esoteric works of Leo Strauss.
My admittedly selective experience is I can express an opinion that same-sex marriages should be legal, or guns controled on conservative blogs and have my opinions respected. I can express an opinion in support of Bush on a "Liberal" blog and more often than not written off as an idiot or at best told I'm tolerated because the listener a tolerant sort.

Those Liberal bubbles are cast of iron. They can be destructive things to surround yourself in. I fear Lison is right here regardless what happens in the mid terms. The longer trend is this,
The liberal bubble is a seductive delusion, one to which many liberal are addicted. Repeated failures to persuade the public to vote into power those politicians who agree with their political principles will not persuade many to venture outside the glossy confines. As result, expect the liberal spiral downward to increasingly resemble a vortex, leading to oblivion.

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Jamie Goodwin said...

Ironically when I post comments that Gay couples should not be married (for various reasons i perfer the term Civil/Holy Union) on conservative blogs it usually ends up being overlooked, however the first moment i mention my distrust of President Bush's administration i get thrown into the the "intolerant liberal" ring.

Truth is there are a whole lot of loud mouthed libs and conservs out there who are making a mess out of both sides.