Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jubran Tweini on mass graves sites at Anjar, Lebanon

MEMRI translates final articles written by recently murdered Lebanese MP and journalist Jubran Tweini.
On the mass graves found near the Syrian intelligence headquarters at Anjar,Tweini wrote: "...they constitute a separate issue, distinct from what is knownas 'the civil war in Lebanon.' This issue is directly linked to the functioning of the army and intelligence [apparatuses] of [Syria], which claim that they arenot a party [in the civil war], but the protector [of Lebanon], whereas, intruth, they were ruthless arch-murderers."

The Syrian regime alone is responsible for the mass graves at Anjar. This is acrime against humanity, which requires immediate international intervention, an extensive investigation, an international tribunal and trial, unrelated to the crime of Al-Hariri's assassination, which has [already] been defined by the international community as an act of terror..."

The Syrian regime must know... that the tyrannical and evil regimes that perpetrated massacres against humanity were pursued, tried, and brought down! The murder, massacre, and casting [of corpses] into mass graves are not legitimate even in the most criminal wars, [as in the case] of tyrants... [suchas] Adolf Hitler, Ceausescu, Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, and the tribal chiefs of Rwanda."

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