Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jonathan at ChicagoBoyz: who forgives when the victims dead?

The Boyz right, it's moral presumptuousness...

The problem with forgiveness for murderers is that the people who can give it are all dead. For the State or other third parties to "forgive" is an act of moral presumptuousness that implicitly denigrates the victims.


LaReinaCobre said...

Sometimes living victims do not forgive, but the state forgives anyway.

For example, a rapist may be released from prison, or a person who commits vehicular manslaughter, or kills somewhile while driving intoxicated. These are not typically life sentences, and no matter how much a victim may not forgive, the perpetrator will eventually be set free. What are the victim's rights in this case?

Bill Baar said...

none really.. sometimes the guilty have to make restitution to the survivors.