Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jeff Weintraub: "Dangerous Territory" - Paul Berman & Bob Herbert

Jeff Weintraub: "Dangerous Territory" - Paul Berman & Bob Herbert
Jeff Weintraub reviews columns by Berman and Herbert and concludes,
...when it comes to talking about torture, political repression, and other threats to 'freedom, democracy, and the rule of law,' then in my humble opinion people who favored leaving Iraq under the rule of a genocidal fascist regime with a proven history of ongoing torture, mutilation, rape, ethnic cleansing, and mass murder on a massive scale, and who now favor unconditional surrender to the fascists and jihadis engaged in murdering Iraqi civilians in order to bring back this kind of regime--in other words, people like Bob Herbert ... well, it doesn't seem to me that such people really have a lot of moral credibility on these issues. (Unlike, say, John McCain.) Am I being unfair? I don't think so.
Not at all Jeff, not at all... not only not unfair, but a question that has to be asked.

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