Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jack McCallum's Leonard Wood: Rough Rider, Surgeon, Architect of American Imperialism and the increasingly cantankerous Castro

Watched McCallum on C-Span's Book notes this AM talk about his new book on Gen Leonard Wood.

I read Hagedorn's two volume biography from 1931 a few years ago. Then I was interested in Wood's reforms of the War Department. The questions to McCallum this morning were on parallel's to Iraq. (Wood was the first American General to fight radical Islam in Mindano.)

I'm on my way to the library for McCallum's book because I think it's Cuba and Wood's experience there that will become required reading soon enough.

Here's Castro on SecState Rice in the Miami Herald a few days ago,
In an unusually harsh outburst, Cuban leader Fidel Castro Friday called U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ''mad'' and used a vulgar epithet to describe her special commission on the island's transition.

It was the first time in memory the 79-year-old Castro, who has been unusually aggressive in his recent public pronouncements, used the crude but common vulgarism in public, two longtime monitors of the Cuban media said.

Castro has become ''increasingly cantankerous for the last four years,'' said Brian Latell, a retired CIA analyst on Cuba and author of After Fidel, a new book about Castro and his brother, designated successor Raúl Castro.

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