Monday, December 12, 2005

Illinois Health Care: "Never Events" Reporting

From a cached copy of a Sun Times arcticle fron Nov 20, 2005 Sun Times by Jim Ritter: ...a new law will require Illinois hospitals and surgery centers to publicly admit if they commit any of 24 types of never events.
*Wrong surgical procedure, or surgery done on wrong body part or wrong patient.
*Foreign object left in patient after surgery.
*Patient death or serious disability from contaminated drugs or devices.
*Infant discharged to wrong person.
*Patient death or serious disability after patient disappears for more than four hours.
*Patient suicide or attempted suicide resulting in serious disability.
*Patient death or serious disability from medication error or wrong blood type.
*Patient death from a fall.
*Care provided by someone impersonating a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.
*Abduction of a patient of any age.
*Sexual assault on a patient.
*Physical assault on a patient resulting in death or serious disability.

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