Thursday, December 15, 2005

Howard Dean, Cong. Cegelis, and Major Tammy Duckworth

Rick Klau gets this message from "Lisa" regarding the Maj. Duckworth's challenge in Illinois's 6th District,
I actually live in Melissa Bean's district, not in Hyde's district. But I know how hard it is to win in a Republican district. Bean won because Crane was old and inept. This time, the republican is going to be Peter Roskam, a "fresh face" who will not be painted as a bumbling fool.

Melissa Bean attracted Republican voters because of Crane. We can't use the same strategy in the 6th CD. Instead, we need to appeal to Republican voters because of the strength of our Democratic candidate.

This is why I think Duckworth is a good choice. She served in Iraq and can tell it straight about the war. She'll bring credibility on national security and defense issues, which is where Republicans always beat us. She's got an interesting personal story, which, face it, is important when you're facing the voters.

The bottom line is this - to win this district, we need a big majority of the independents and a number of Republicans. I think Duckworth gives us the best chance to do that.


Nathan Kaufman said...

What is your take on social security and medicare?

Bill Baar said...

I need to read all of the links in your post Nathan.... I'd say I'm a personal savings account guy but I'm open to all sorts of options.