Friday, December 16, 2005

Hoch die Anarchie!

The folks over at SoapBlog Chicago are using a picture of Samuel Fielden speaking in the midst of the Haymarket massacre. The bomb has gone off (probably thrown by Louis Lingg) and the police charge the crowd while Fielden shouts.

Twelve people died from the bomb including one Police Officer. Eleven more people died in the subsequent shooting including seven more cops. The Chicago Police Department commorates them here.

You can read the whole history of the riot on the net. Just google and you'll find it. I will add that Louie Lingg wrote "Hoch die Anarchie!" (Hurrah for Anarchy) in his own blood on the floor after blowing his jaw off in Cook County Jail in a successful sucide.

It wasn't a good moment in Chicago's History. I understand the spirit of free speech the SoapBlog Chicago folks are expressing, but it's a complicated history here with needless death prompted by a guy throwing a bomb.

Chicago cops still angry too as Pat Guinane noted in Illinois Issues.
That’s not to say the new monument has healed old wounds. While the Chicago Police are now themselves unionized, some have yet to forgive the anarchists. That was apparent this summer when officers objected to naming a tiny Northwest Side park after Lucy Parsons, the activist wife of one of the anarchists who was executed.
You can't blame the cops because they still get killed each year in Chicago. I can't recall the last time an anarchist was killed in Chicago. I used to know Chicago's Anarchist poet Joffre Stewart and he would have known. He never mentioned anyone.

I'd post a picture of the Police Statue that used to stand at Haymarket square but kept getting blown up by the SDS'ers in the 60s and 70s; and now stands in the lobby of the Chicago's Police HQ but I can't find one online.

Anyways, it's a sad, bloody chapter in Chicago's history. Not sure I'd want to look at Fielden every day. He could have just suggested everyone go home and have a beer. I wish he had.

Update: I read posts like this over there and wonder if they realize some folks migt construe Lingg's bomb as an act of terrorism. It's a strange logo to be pushing when today's bombs far more lethal and the fanatics just as fanatical as the jawless, dying Lingg writing his final words on the floor of Cook County Jail. Our cops still have a heck of a job protecting us from the today's Linggs.


Jeff Wegerson - SoapBlox/Chicago said...

You suggested that there might be some better images than Fielden. I, for one, at SoapBlox/Chicago, will happily entertain your suggestions. I understand your discomfort with the current one, although I don't agree with your take on the history and it's relevance to today's realities.

But yes, you are right, we are a partisan blog and few of our partisans will have the same discomforts as you have, so I see us keeping it for a while at least. Unless, or course, one of your suggestions is a real winner for us all.

Bill Baar said...

I'd look for something from Bug House square. That's really what you are too. An electronic bug house square.

I see Arch Pundit replaced Fielden with a picture of Mathias J. Degan, the first policeman killed.

That's good but you folks certainly want something about free speech with a little action in it. Someone speaking out as Fielden does.

I'd comb the archives for something from Bug House square. I found a few but they were recent ones. A trip the Newberry Library might yield something.

Jeff Wegerson - SoapBlox/Chicago said...

So how does a guy get respect around here. ArchPundit didn't replace that picture, I did.

Yea, I think I had the same results on the internet when I googled Bughouse Square.

Bill Baar said...

oh sorry! On the otherhand Truman said if you want a friend in Washington buy a dog. Same may be true of the Blagosphere.

Jeff Wegerson - SoapBlox/Chicago said...

See we're paying ArchPundit real money for that ad space. He's not doing us any particular favors, although he has been kind in his words about us.