Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Galley Slaves: Tookie

Wondered about this too.....

Galley Slaves: Tookie: (Also, if you read further down in the AP story, you'll see that the reporters don't find the moral pronouncements of the Vatican so objectionable when they fit with the journalists religious agenda. If the Vatican is against homosexual priests, then they're hopeless retrogrades; but if they're against the death penalty, then they're our moral tutors. Funny how that works.)


LaReinaCobre said...

Does this mean that no one should refer to the Vatican's opinions unless they agree with them all?

Bill Baar said...

No, I don't think so. It is funny though to see people who condem the War in Iraq and the Death Penalty use the Catholic Churches authority to support their case, and then turn on the Catholic Church with some strong words when it forbids same sex marriage.

I don't agree with the Caholic Church on much but always enjoy reading their analysis because it's so tightly reasoned. It really helps me work through my own ideas.

I like reading Ratzinger for this reason.