Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Five random facts about me

Diane over at Respublica tagged me to name five random facts about myself. I have to tag five more. You'll find out who you are soon. Took my old head two days to randomly generate this,

  1. I like sausages. On my way now to Randy Reams in Elburn Ill to stock up on his smoked and Ukrainian styles.

  2. I watch trains. Can spend all day doing it.

  3. I can spend all day wandering around Chicago looking at old Churches and visiting hot dog stands

  4. If I let my beard grow, it would be all grey; but that's more hair than I have on my head.

  5. I accumulate library fines even though St Charles lets me renew online.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of these days St. Charles will throw you out of the library and you will be in a mess. You were raised to pay your fines immediately, ha h a

guess who