Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Drudge undearths Clinton and Carter's warrentless search orders

Here they are, at the electonic Federal Archives here and here.


Anonymous said...

So, this makes it okay?

Bill Baar said...

No, it would be ok without.

And if it wasn't ok, Congress should make it ok.

I think it is though.

It is interesting Clinton used in within the US to physically search Aldrich Ames house. That's much different then what Bush was doing.

Bush is using Intel in the course of a war. Looking to for terror attacks to prevent them. He's not seeking to pursue a criminal case or arrest. He's seeking to prevent another 911.

Clinton used his authority to take a guy to court... although I would presume the evidence uncovered by this would be inadmissable.

An interesting related sidebar here is the story of Elisabeth Bently. The Lady who gave us McCarthy's Red Scare.

A good book is Clever Girl by Lauren Kessler. Interesting because Truman and Hoover couldn't take her to court because it would comprimise the intel they had picked up from Venona intercepts (both knew the Fed Gov had been badly penetrated by the Soviet Union) without compromising Venona not too mention it was evidence not hard enough for a US court and Bently was just a terribly odd and troubled person for a US jury to believe. They couldn't even respond to McCarthy's and others charges that yes they knew and were reading the message traffic albiet a frustrating couple of years delayed.

Good book and sorry for the long sentence. No time to edit it Anon.

I imagine Bush right now has a number of Bently's in view.

Hopefully there is no WMD attack to devaste us and 30 years from now when can read their stories too.

Bill Baar said...

Take her to court as a prosecution witness that is against Communists she had identified for the US Gov.