Monday, December 26, 2005

Did Germany trade hostage Suzanne Osthoff for Robert Stethem's killer?

David's Medien Kritik on Susanne Osthoff: The Happy Hostage who said of her kidnappers you cannot blame them for kidnapping her,as they cannot enter [Baghdad's heavily fortified] Green Zone to kidnap Americans.

Our German friend notes
...a suspicion - probably never to be proven - that Osthoff was released in exchange for Hizbollah terrorist Mohammad Ali Hammadi, convicted of killing Navy diver Robert Stethem in Beirut during the 1985 hijacking of a TWA flight.

Oh, and Mrs. Osthoff contemplates a return to Iraq in the near future (her subsequent kidnapping is a safe bet if terrorists are still not permitted to enter the Green zone).

Are there any other Arab killers of U.S. military personel in German prisons?

You know, just in case...
Osthoff is another who reminds me of those folks running the gates. Worse really, she's made kidnapping pay.

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