Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Being a truth seeker means being a loner

Today's Trib on the Klocek case.

I'm DePaul alum and sad to see this treatment of a guy at a school that can host Ward Churchill and have no problem retaining faculity who said they would ban you from the classroom if you didn't like it.

Via Marathon Pundit.
The occasion of Klocek's fall from grace was a student-activity fair, at the beginning of the 2004 fall semester. Among the organizations there was Students for Justice in Palestine, which supports the Arab side in the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. Klocek picked up a piece of its literature and was offended.

"I said to them, 'Don't you know there's a Christian perspective too?' " Klocek recalled.

Salma Nassar, president of the group, recalled Klocek's words differently. "He then continued to talk about how Christians have more of a right to Palestine than Muslims or Jews," she told the DePaulia, the student newspaper.

Other students told the newspaper they tried keeping to the level of an intellectual discussion but Klocek was out of control. He said he tried getting the students to examine their premises but they were too angry to respond to the Socratic method, a time-honored pedagogical technique.

Shortly, Klocek broke off the argument by putting a thumb to his chin and flicking it forward. The students were offended by the gesture; he said he intended it to mean, "I'm out of here!"

There are places on Earth where the gesture has a stronger connotation, as Klocek might have known. A favorite course of his is: "Languages and Cultures of the World."

Sometimes he can't explain, even to himself, why he got into it with students. Other times, he sees the incident as a natural extension of his commitment to teaching.

"I was headed to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee; why didn't I just keeping going?" Klocek said. "I don't know. But if militant Zionists had been there, I might have engaged them too. Being a truth seeker means being a loner."

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"Being a truth seeker means being a loner."

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