Sunday, December 18, 2005

Baar's Five and Dime, 1260 W. 103rd St, Chicago in December 1945

Pretty well stocked considering the times.

Christmas time means hard work for anyone in retail. I spent hours mopping and scrapping gum off the floors.

Amazed at anyone thinks Chicago should forgo Walmart; instead hoping little stores like my Grandfather's will return and prosper.


Fred Rabe Pickett, Realtor @properties said...

I was looking to see if I could find any photos of Baar's store in Villa Park and came across this. Looks just the Villa Park store I remember.

Bill Baar said...

Don't have any pictures of Villa Park. My uncle ran that one and I spent little time there. I remember my Dad telling me the Ovaltine workers from the nearby factor would get all serius and mum if you tried to pry out the reciepe for Ovaltine from them. Now Snowden's leaking secrets worked that factory.

Bill Baar said...

I'll look for pictures of the Villa Park store. Don't think I have any though.