Friday, December 30, 2005

The Anti War Online Journal: article written by an author awaiting the sound of Zionist jackboots and the inevitable knock on the door

Online Journal Dec 19, 2005,
The cult of the Jewish holocaust is fundamental to Germany's officially imposed state religion: legalistic, political Zionism, propagated daily in the mass media and reinforced by a legion of judicious bureaucrats and self-obsessed politicians. Whether Social Democrat or "Christian" Democrat, neo-Marxist or neo-liberal, the government of the day is dutifully trained to look first to Tel Aviv for its legitimacy. It is instructive to note that, at least once a year, the incumbent German president or chancellor must stand in front of the Knesset in Israel and, with quivering lower lip and a freshly peeled onion, throw his best Elizabeth Taylor act and read from the same worn script stapled together with exhausted and sometimes ludicrously inappropriate diplomatic cliches.

This perennial ritual is always embarrassing, obsequious and viciously humiliating to behold. Nonetheless, the German government at least acknowledges publicly that it is wealthy, globalist Israelis and their glove-puppets in the City of London who control Germany, not the German people. And those who control Germany control the dark, towering superstructure of the despised and hated European Union.

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