Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Anjar: the transit point to Syria's Gulag Archipelago

Lebanon's The Daily Star on Anjar graves:
The latest mass grave was unearthed on a farm on the Nabi Azir hilltop in Anjar, a position formerly occupied by Syrian soldiers, about one kilometer from the former headquarters of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities have spent the past three days unearthing 50 scattered bones, estimated by local forensic experts to belong to 27 bodies, of which three are being said to belong to children, one of which may have been an infant.

And Ya Libnan,
According to AFP, an anonymous Anjar resident said that "prisoners who died in the Syrian mukhabarat (secret police) prison were buried on the hill."

The prison dates back to 1976, when Syrian troops first moved into Lebanon. It was used as a transit point through which Lebanese detainees on their way to Syrian jails passed.

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