Thursday, November 03, 2005

"You illegitimate atheist, I will kill you."

Middle East Media Research translates and posts a video clip of Iranian Children's show promoting sucide bombings,

Abd Al-Rahman (grabbing his little sister and hiding): "Be quiet."

(Father runs towards soldiers, his stick raised.)

Father: "You illegitimate atheist, I will kill you."

Israeli commander: "Finish him off."

(Group of soldiers open fire on Father, laughing; blood splashes on oranges on trees. Abd Al-Rahman and little sister sob in hiding place.)

Jassem: "We are near the border, where the Zionists want to pass. We will attack
them in accordance with our plan. May God be with you, brothers. I know our mission is a hard one, but with God's help we must stop this bloodthirsty enemy. If there are no questions, assume your positions.

(Others depart, leaving only Karim and Al-Rahman.)

"Karim and Abd Al-Rahman, you wait here. Here, these are for you (handing them kaffiyehs and grenade belts). Your role in this operation is very important. While the others are keeping the Israeli soldiers busy, you must throw grenades at them.

(Scene changes: A dirt road. Abd Al-Rahman, waiting for an Israeli military convoy to pass by, ties a string of grenades around his waist. The convoy approaches.)

Jassem: "Brothers, get ready. They are coming."

Abd Al-Rahman: "I place my trust in God. Allah Akbar."

(Al-Rahman pulls the grenade pins and leaps onto one of the trucks, screaming. Gunfire and explosions; the scene is obscured by black smoke. When the smoke clears, there is devastation – the Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian attackers, including Al-Rahman, lie dead.

A young Palestinian boy approaches Al-Rahman's body, takes his bloody kaffiyeh, places it on his own shoulders, and walks off into the sunset.)

This kids show from folks seeking Nucs and talking about wiping countries off the face of the map. According to Der Spiegel, Ahmadinejad is finally moving things along.

The illegitimate and atheist ought watch out.

But Iran's nuclear program may have already taken a decisive step in the direction of nuclear weapons in recent weeks. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the president has placed himself at the head of a new "Control Center for Nuclear Issues," which is managed by his friends, the Revolutionary Guards. This enables Ahmadinejad to direct all nuclear developments himself. With intelligence official Farhad Rahbar, who manages the government's budget, as its deputy director, the organization has unlimited financial resources.

The organization's objective, according to an intelligence document, is to "finally move things along."

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