Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What should UUs make of this? What should a Jew say of this?

This one saddens me,

from Smijer & Buck,

What color would best represent the bullshit that got us involved over there in the first place? Should it be considered white lies or black lies? What is the color that best represents wishful thinking?

Why not just agree to wear the blue and white colors of the Tallith? That should help remind us of one of the reasons we are there.


smijer said...

To be clear, Buck is not a UU. What should a UU think about it? As a UU, I think it's probably not responsible speculation, but human nature abhors a vacuum of reasonable explanations, and Buck can certainly be forgiven for perceiving the Iraq invasion as assistance to the government of Israel.

What should a Jew think of it? Unless that Jew happens to be an Israeli nationalist, probably nothing more than any other human being would make of it. You can be certain that Buck is no anti-semite, nor were his comments directed at Jews... they were directed at the cozy relationship between two governments, one of which happens to be his own, and which has been recently showing a great deal of aggression against an Arabic nation who has a long history of animosity with the other - the Israeli - government.

Bill Baar said...

It's the Tallith Buck chose as a symbol. A pray shawl worn my Jews; before Israel's creation and ouside of Israel. It's not a political or national symbol.

US Soldiers fight and die as we speak along side Muslims to bring an end to mass graves. I understand what Buck is. I'm not a fool.

God save Buck's soul. Pray for him for he'll surely need it. God's not indifferent. Of this I'm sure.

smijer said...

His link on the word was to the Israeli flag... Buck & I are both Goyim from the illiterate south, and I suspect he did as I might have: googled "Israeli flag", and created a link to the resulting page with a word that identified the colors drawn from the same source. I doubt seriously that he singled out that symbol for its cultural significance... I doubt even that he is aware of its cultural significance... He replied to your message on the original post, and I mentioned your comments here to him to give him an opportunity to clarify what was meant...

You don't have to be a fool to misunderstand what someone is whom you have never met. You might find that God judges Buck differently than you do. I'm certain there is a reason that he holds the job and you do not.

Buck said...

I apologize for offending you Bill and I appreciate your prayers and the prayers of any and all others.