Monday, November 07, 2005

Valerie Plame "outters"

Seems Joe Wilson chatted a lot about Plame's job with the company and the people he chatted with are getting it out on the record.

Red State asks,
The tale grows incrementally and steadily, like history. Questions for those concerned: Did Russert of NBC, or Cooper of Time Warner, or Miller of NYT ever have a similar conversation with Wilson in a green room, or know someone who did? Did Fitzgerald's lengthy investigation ever concern itself with green room conversations, contacting such as Vallely and McInerney and Hanson?

More: what or who at the CIA decided to refer the revelation of Plame to the DOJ for investigation in 2003, after the publication of Plame's employment by Novak, yet never moved to investigate the green room incidents such as Vallely, McInerney in 2002? Did the CIA know of the 2002 green room incidents? Was this not a concern in choosing Wilson to travel to Niger and report on Niger to the NYT and other publications, and to write of the trip in 2003? Does the CIA know if Wilson continued to boast of his wife's employment in 2003 up to and after her identity was revealed by Novak?

In brief, why did Fitzgerald not investigate Wilson for the same concerns he investigated Libby and Rove and others?

More here about Wilson telling Valley to retract the statements. I hope the Libby trial gets Wilson on the stand under oath.

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