Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tom Cross: Illinois Democrats over legislate, over litigate, and over tax

Illinois House Leader Tom Cross held his November Blogger conference call and a podcast should be available soon at Join Cross blog.

A few bullets here and then more later,
  • no one can or should prune back the number of candidates in the primary
  • Robert Kjellander should step aside; he's a distraction
  • Education's local; let the locals decide on Intelligent Design
  • Hastert retirement rumors? Cross hopes he stays. Hastert's been good for America and good for Illinois.
  • Blogs: Cross reads them; people under 35 not starting their day with the paper. Cross is looking at Abe Log, Capital Fax, Spontaneous Solutions, and more...
  • JBT can rebuild trust
  • The elections going to be about spending and spending and spending. (And that Illinois now run by Democrats who over legislate, over litigate, and over tax.)
A message to number one nephew studying Poly Sci down at U of I. The impact of blogs on the Governor's race is a great research topic. Start keeping track of how they're being used.

Maybe the Primary Candidates should be doing a few bloggers conferences and getting those podcast circulating in the blogesphere.

A final question to Cross at the end on social questions. His response was look for the common ground; things like parental consistent where there's consensus.

The MSM in Illinois always writes about the Republican Primary as dominated by social conservatives at odds with most of the state.

Schiavo was a turning point for me though; and when Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nadar were on TV expressing reservations on where Liberals where taking the issue, you know the grounds shifted. I may not be the only person rethinking some thoughts.

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