Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Politics for us is like filthy dead meat"

I spent five days with Abu Theeb and his people last week, and I witnessed a very curious thing: a bunch of mujahideens talking politics and urging restraint. "Politics for us is like filthy dead meat," Abu Theeb told me. "We are not allowed to eat it, but if you are passing through the desert and your life depends on it, God says it's OK." This is a profound shift in thinking for these insurgents, a shift that might just change the way things develop in Iraq.
From Ghaith Abdul-Ahad's interview in The Guardian with the Arab-Sunni insurgent leader Abu Theeb via Labour Friends of Iraq.

The Democrats ask for "the plan" and it's really plain to see. Only a moderate Islam can conquer bin Ladinism so we seek Muslim allies. We support the Shia and the Sunni Kurds. We're splitting even the Salafi-Sunni Arabs as they find a taste for Democracy's fithy dead meat.

It's an old strategy and it works by making the enemy's life depend on it because that profoundly shifts anyone's taste buds.

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