Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Peter Beinart's "Tough Liberalism"

Here's Beinarts essay on Tough Liberalism. Beinart restates today's unfortunate problem for liberals,
The fundamental divide is whether you believe that jihadist totalitarianism is produced by a lack of freedom and opportunity, or whether you believe that jihadist totalitarianism is created by American and Western imperialism. The Democratic Party has not fundamentally, internally decided about which of those it believes. Much of the Kerry campaign's inability to be totally coherent on these issues was, I believe, an attempt to straddle rifts in the party that had not yet come to an honest debate on this basic question.
We're not going to find today's equivalents of Arthur Schlesinger, Reinhold Niebuhr, Walter Reuther, and Eleanor Roosevelt creating an Americans for Democratic Action to give the painfully obvious answer to this question. Reid and Kerry will straddle the rail until the party collapses in splits with fringes heading off to obscurity.

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