Saturday, November 19, 2005

Palestinians protest over poll delay

on Aljazzera net

I don't know if Shubaki is Hamas, or Islamic Fundamentalist or whatever. But a sign of progress is when someone can standup in the Arab world and critize their own leaders in the same language they use to attack the Unites States. This tells me there is progress. Right now it can only happen in a few places but there is progress for sure.
On Thursday, a prominent Fatah leader and former local government minister Jamal Shubaki claimed the decision to delay the elections was taken by Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qureia.

"I accuse the Palestinian Authority of robbing the people of this town of their inherent right to choose their representatives through fair and transparent elections," said Aziz Dweik, in the rally outside Hebron's municipal council building in downtown Hebron.

"We reject dictatorship, we reject despotism, we reject authoritarianism."

The Al-Najah University academic accused Fatah, the de facto ruling party of the PA, of "tampering with the people's will".

"We will not allow a few hangers-on to tamper with the will of 180,000 people. This town belongs to its people, not to those who are concerned about their self-interests," said Dweik, alluding to the Fatah movement, which is widely believed to be standing behind the PA decision to postpone the elections.


The Emerson Avenger said...

We sure could use some similar progress in UUism. . .

"I accuse the Unitarian Church of Montreal of attempting to rob Robin Edgar of his constitutional right to freedom of expression through peaceful public protest."

"I reject dictatorship, I reject despotism, I reject authoritarianism."

Bill Baar said...
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