Friday, November 11, 2005

Karl Rove and Judy Baar-Topinka roll out the barrel

From the NYT:
"I've noticed a big difference," said one Republican in regular contact with Mr. Rove who declined to speak for attribution because the White House did not authorize it. "There's a spring in his step, more focus, more - something. Some sort of weight off his shoulders."
"I think he's focused on a lot of things - working to help people at the White House and talking to people on the Hill about the agenda next year, and he's certainly focused on the '06 elections," said Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, who filled in for Mr. Rove at the Oct. 15 event for Jerry Kilgore, Virginia's attorney general.

In particular, several Republicans said, Mr. Rove drove the decision to recruit Judy Baar Topinka to run in the Illinois governor's race in 2006, a development this week that suddenly made the race competitive for Republicans.
Maybe JBT's not only playing accordian and making roast pork and dumplings for Gay Pride events, and Alderman Mell, but for Karl Rove and the White House too. She'll be showing Rove the garage sale list from the Berwyn Life.

Do a google search on JBT pictures and you'll find a half dozen of her in Gay Pride parades and not a one of her with her accordian. That shows how the culture is changing. I don't feel threatened but I miss the Frankie Yankovic stuff too.

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