Monday, November 07, 2005

Joe Biden: "Democrats have become elitist"

Sen Biden in The Union Leader via Spontaneious Solutions:

"He told the heavily Democratic crowd that Democrats have become elitist. He noted that some Democrats have questioned why he wears an American flag on his lapel.

“We’ve become disconnected from where we grew up,” Biden said. “The Republicans, because of our distance, they have convinced a lot of people we ain’t one of them.”

The Democrats who question Biden's American flag label aren't elitist. They just think Americans are the biggest problem in today's world, and 911 was blow back for our imperialism or consumerism. That's not elitism, it's anti-American.

Your free to be an anti-American Amercian in America. But your a fool if you think you're going to win many votes that way. Might sell some books though. Get on TV shows and speak at DePaul in Chicago.

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