Sunday, November 13, 2005

Is it racist we don't protest?

via David's Medienkritick. Maybe no one cares when it's Asians oppressed and Seimen's has a contract at stake.

This week Chinese President Hu Jintao is taking several days to visit Germany. And while Germany's Eurosnob elite wines and dines President Hu, there will be no angry mass protests or cries of indignation on German streets. There will be no rainbow flags embroidered with "PACE" accompanied by Tibetan and Taiwanese flags. There will be no peace drums, silent vigils or burning of Hu Jintao effigies. There will be no courageous speeches on morality or human rights in front of thousands of drunk and screaming marchers. There will be few if any indignant editorials condemning President Hu in leading German papers, magazines or news broadcasts.

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