Friday, November 18, 2005

A good American is a contrite American (and wipe Israel off the map too)

Clifford May on Blame American First via Carol Gould on Current Viewpoint,
Cockburn got so angry that he approached the podium and for a few moments it appeared he might take a swing at me.

I told Llewellyn – politely but straight to his face – that he was an anti-Semite. That term, I explained, used to mean those who wanted a Europe with no Jewish population; today it means those who want a world with no Jewish state.

The moderator of the debate, Charlie Bird, an Irish TV reporter, made no effort to disguise his sympathies – they were not with anyone who would defend Bush. But he effusively praised the student from the United States – a good American, he seemed to suggest, is a contrite American.

Finally, Bird noted that next week the University Philosophy Society would debate whether Militant Islamism is a legitimate form of resistance to American hegemony. While I'll be sorry to miss that event, I do have a hunch how it will turn out.

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