Friday, November 04, 2005

Charlie from the UK on France's riots

Normally I try to avoid scatological stuff, but this comment I found on No Pasaran! shows the impact on the world of an African-American SecState. I don't think Charlie in the UK alone and Bush's choices will have long term impacts on the world.

It's also an example of Europe's opposition to buidling an liberal and democratic alternative for the Arab world is going to fuel a racist, far-right. That will be Europe's mainstream after these events.
I am sick of people telling me that France has 'a better qulaity of life' - normally wealthy liberal types with enough money, at the end of their career in the capitalist system, with enough money to buy a countryhouse in the south of France. Really representative. I can't wait to make them eat sh*t at the next dinner party. The right wing racist parties are MAINSTREAM in France, they will win the next election now. Meawnhile, their great enemy, the US has gone from apartheid in the 50's to a black woman sectretary of sate in less than a lifetime. Which society do you think is more functional and at ease with itself now?

God Bless America, the reason we are free.

Charlie (UK)

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LaReinaCobre said...

I am wary of these kinds of examples. After all, England had Margaret Thatcher and Pakistan had Benazir Bhutto.

What does that tell us?