Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bipartisan Nervous Breakdown

A Canadian's view on why Bush and Cheney waited to call the bluff,
There are other issues clouding the political field; but in the main, the administration's current effort to call the Democrats' bluff has not caused the latter to crawl back into their holes. It has instead driven them further into cloud cuckooland, with the mainstream media chasing behind. It has resulted in a level of shrieking the like of which I cannot recall in the august Senate chamber. And this, perhaps, was the reason Messrs Bush and Cheney hesitated to try it on before. They thought, perhaps, that just "being presidential" might finally carry the day. Better, anyway, than provoking a kind of bipartisan nervous breakdown.

I look at this business from abroad. I note that polls now show the American isolationist impulse being triggered. On both Right and Left, something approaching half the electorate want to take their marbles and go home. For some unaccountable reason, Americans sometimes respond to being abused and slandered all over the world by turning in on themselves. And this, in the present unsettled state of the world in question, would be nearly the worst thing that could happen. It would leave all of America's allies -- corresponding very roughly to the side of the angels -- up a certain creek without a propulsive device.

The world has left the United States to do too much heavy lifting. It is an urgent matter for countries like Canada to stop mouthing off and heave ho.
--David Warren, Ottawa


The Emerson Avenger said...

If you liked that you jus might like this too.

You just might like this as well so I will post it here before Philocrites "memory holes" it. . .

Robin Edgar:
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: I also belonged to St Catherines in Oak Park for a while. That parishes politics and theology makes most UU Churches look Tory.

Well said.

I have in the past pointed out that plenty of modern North American Catholics put no shortage of modern Unitarian Universalists to shame when it comes to being genuine religious liberals. . .

The Emerson Avenger said...

It's now gone but not forgotten. . .