Saturday, November 26, 2005

Barack Obama on money and politics

Found on Peoria Pundit . A guy from Chicago should know better about campaign donations. Rest assured Buffet and Oprah expect something from Obama.

“Warren Buffett’s $2,000 is no different than anyone else’s. There are a lot of people who can give me money,” Obama said. “The wonderful thing about Warren Buffett — similar to my relationship with Oprah — it’s somebody who doesn’t need anything from me.”


Amy Allen said...


As one Illinois journalist once said, "Chicagoans cheat routinely, and very often, in votes cast and taxes paid, we are the victims of their cheating ways."

LaReinaCobre said...


Bill Baar said...

2k must be the limit on donations.

Paul said...

Barack says all of the right thing s eh? :)

JB Powers said...

Obama has been truly impressive on the Bridge to Nowhere, which he championed despite the call to shift funding to Hurrican Katrina relief.

Does he say all the right things or does the press print the right things he says?