Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tyranno: Smug sophistication and the next generation

A comment found on David's Mediankritik in response to this post on Where are those blood for oil banners when you need them.
Our poor Euro brethren would have us believe their more complex and sophisticated view of the world is because they are so much older, more experienced and have advanced further socially. Amusingly, when you peel that onion you discover their cynical sophisticated "idealism" is solely predicated on advantageous trade deals and they don't give a damn who they are with. Sounds like Godless, mercenary capitalists!!!! Oh wait, that term is reserved exclusively for the Americans! As Mr. Gedmin points out in the article, it is not just the status quo preferred by the murderous Arab despots and self appointed Kings the U.S.A. led coalition is working to break down.

Old Europe indulges and practices an astonishing level of denial . . . masked as smug sophistication. One day they will have to explain to their next generation of children (like they had to this generations about an "East" Germany) why they were again on the wrong side of history, and how they chose to sit on their hands for all those years. And how when an opportunity to make a difference presented itself, they went so far as to demonstrate against liberation and for the return of the murderous criminal Ba'athist regime. My God it has got to be shameful and difficult being a modern progressive liberal in such important times! Tyranno
This failure to make a difference isn't Elie Weisel's indifference either. It's a cynical lust for power or wealth for a few, and a hatred for Bush so deep for the rest of the left; that it blinds them to such gross murder they'll fight bringing the tyrant to justice.

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