Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Timeless Present

Madeleine Bunting on Muscular Liberalism. I don't share her doubts, but she got the problem right below. I think we're better at resolving it than accross the Atlantic. More on this later... I just don't have the time.
But the malaise crippling political life is compounded by political disorientation, as the maverick thinker Frank Furedi points out in a book published this week, Politics of Fear: Beyond Left and Right. Once the dividing line was the left's faith in the future, the right's respect for the past. Neither is any longer true: the left has no transformative project to deliver and the right gave up on the past long ago; as one of the most revolutionary political parties of late-20th-century Europe, what can the Tories claim to be conserving? We are stuck in a timeless present, with no account of political change - how it happens, what it does and what we can do with it. Change is something done to us; passivity sets in.

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