Tuesday, October 18, 2005

If you live long enough, or "The Shah is a fascist pig, down with the fascist Shah"

I worked at Dr. Scholl's at Shiller and Wells in the 1970s. I'd wait for the 136 bus by the Federal Building on Dearborn get up there and recall watching Iranian demonstrators chant "The Shah is a fascists pig;down with the fascists Shah". You'd tap your feet to the beat and it became a bit hypnotic.

I'd give my buddy a quick lesson on all I knew about Iran and resistance to the Shah and our sympathies were with the protestors while we tapped away waiting for the bus.

The sympathy ended once the hostages were taken.

Now comes this amazing interview by Hitchens with the Ayotollah's grandson now in Iraq,

Young Khomeini is convinced that the coming upheaval will depend principally on those who once supported his grandfather and have now become disillusioned. I asked him what he would like to see happen, and his reply this time was very terse and did not require any Quranic scriptural authority or explication. The best outcome, he thought, would be a very swift and immediate American invasion of Iran.

It hurt me somewhat to have to tell him that there was scant chance of deliverance coming by this means. He took the news pretty stoically (and I hardly think I was telling him anything he did not know). But I was thinking, wow, this is what happens if you live long enough. You'll hear the Ayatollah's grandson saying, not even "Send in the Marines" but "Bring in the 82nd Airborne." I think it was the matter-of-factness of the reply that impressed me the most: He spoke as if talking of the obvious and the uncontroversial.

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LaReinaCobre said...

It is too bad that he thinks violence is the only way.