Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Helem publishes Arab worlds first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed and Queer magazine

Normsblog links the Arab worlds first Gay magazine. It's published by Helem in Lebanon who describes itself as,
Helem membership is open to any person who shares our values based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Helem is also strongly opposed to any kind of segregation, both in the services it offers or in the struggle it leads.
I don't think a magazine like this could have been published in Lebanon without the transformation going on now in the Arab world started by President Bush. I wish more Gay activists understood how Bush's Conservative Christian faith also roots his faith in Universal Human rights.

Forget pushing Gay Clergy and same-sex Marriage on conservative Churches. Leave these people alone because you insult a faith in human dignity which fuels the real struggle groups like Helem fight.

Focus instead on Universal Human Rights, where no such rights exist; and support President Bush as he builds Democracy and a Liberal society in the Arab world.


LaReinaCobre said...

I wish Bush would support Democracy in Guatemala.

A Queer Lebanese said...

Clearly you've never visited the Middle East. Bush's purported "democracy" has been nothing but bloodshed, lies, and propaganda, a "democracy" to ensure that the US's market and oil interests in the ME are upheld. The United States has brought us nothing even close to democracy. Helem existed before President Bush started his illegal and brutal wars in the region, and it will have published Barra and continued to exist even without his blood-stained interference.

a Helem member said...

Although i think you have all the best intentions, you got it completely wrong regarding Helem and Barra and their link to Mr. Bush's politics in the middle east.

-First Helem existed before Mr. Bush elections.
-Second i don't see the link to his christian roots or education, especially with the very hostile stance of the pope toward gay issues, not to mention Mr. Bush's support for 'anti gay marriage law' in the US
-Third, don't think that christians or christian clergy in lebanon are more friendly that the muslim one, they are as bad.

Personally, as a member of helem, i feel offended with the simplistic link you made between our activities and the politics of Mr Bush in the Middle East, and i find it an outrageous hijacking of all the courage, sacrifices and the risks each member of Helem is taking on a daily basis by assuming openly his homosexuality and rowing against the flow.

Bill Baar said...

Are you in the United States now or Lebanon?

I would imagine Christian Clergy and probably secular Communists etc could be just as hostile to Gays.

I don't think Muslims have a lock on that attitude.

Do you disagree with Walid Jumblatt's comments to Bush in the Washington Post a few days ago?

Jumblatt says he hopes America will stand by the Cedar Revolution. "If Bush considers Lebanon one of his major achievements, now is the time to protect Lebanon," he told me. When I asked what he wanted from America, he answered: "You came to Iraq in the name of majority rule. You can do the same thing in Syria."

a queer lebanese said...

Bill, Jumblatt and his ilk are war criminals carried over from Lebanon's civil war and a notorious political flip-flopper. His opinions do not represent those of all the Lebanese. You may want to read about the demonstrations against American intereference that took place 2 days ago and again today (did the American media report that?). Jumblatt threatened to block it, but he would have inflamed way too many people if he did, and so he sat back down like a good boy.

Bill Baar said...

No, do you have a link? Please share it with us.