Friday, October 21, 2005

DePaul: "never allow you in my classroom"

Marathon Pundit posts here, here, and here on yesterdays protest of DePaul spending bucks to finance Ward Churchill's speech.

Also this post on one Prof who later told Marathon she would never allow him in her classroom because he suggested Prof Klocek had some rights to free speech too. This Prof must teach the storm trooping class now. It doesn't seem to be the same DePaul I knew in the 70s.

While attempting to enter Ward-a-palooza tonight at DePaul, one of the DePaul security staff announced, "Would Professor Kay's (Kaye?) students please form a line here." Who is this Professor? Was it part of a class assignment for the students to attend Ward Churchill's lecture? If anyone knows, please leave this information in the comments.

I asked some of the DePaul Republicans if they knew who this person was, but they didn't.

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