Friday, October 21, 2005

DePaul and Ward Churchill: Human Rights by invitation only

Mental Ward posts a letter to DePaul Republicans banning them from Ward Churchill's speech on Oct 21st even though the Cultural Center is “Open to Student Organizations which are supported by Cultural Center’s Allocation Fund.”
You had signed up for the Ward Churchill Lecture on October 21st. I was mistaken and neglected to inform you that this day is for organizations that are part of the Human Rights Group and therefore the lecture on the 21st is by invitation only. You are more than welcome to come to Mr. Churchill’s lecture on Thursday October 20th. To clarify there are no cameras or recording devices allowed at this lecture. If you have any further questions please call the Cultural Center at 773-325-7759. Again I am sorry for the confusion but do hope that you can make it on the 20th.

Thank You,
Alexandra Bancroft
Cultural Center

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John Ruberry said...

Bill. Thanks for your support. There are more headaches ahead for DePaul. You can count on it.