Friday, October 07, 2005

Capital Fax: "We'll insure all children"

A lot of comments on Blagojevich's plan to insure kids over at Capital Fax.

It's early AM. I sure haven't read the details on this one. If the state is going to manage it with a contract with an Insurance Carrier, we're sure going to want to watch the contracting action.

My off-the-cuff thought is I hate to see solutions that deal with insurance by breaking the pool of those covered into small chunks.

Why not tell Illinois employers to stop offering health insurance. Turn the employers payment into a Tax (and reduce the cost to them). Pool the money. Offer everyone in the State Health Insurance modeled after the plan currently in place for Congressman and Federal Employees.

Everyone would have an option for health coverage. Maybe Illinois would look competitive to industry.

Just a thought... after half a cup of coffee.

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Blue Cross of California said...

Wow that is interesting to hear they insure all children. I think it's great kids don't have to worry about lacking health insurance.