Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Utterly alien to the future of humankind

Below is from Tony Blair's keynote speech to the Labour Party's 2005 conference in Brighton. How someone can participate in a "Peace Movement" and not realize they're siding and abetting Baathist and religious fanatics in the name of peace dumbfounds me. Pacifism is a brutal doctrine that will turn over people to a brutal fate in the name of peace. They're is nothing just, or decent, or progressive with the peace movement. Anyone who values human rights and freedom should bitterly condem it.
But 8 ½ million Iraqis showed which future they wanted when they came out and voted in January's elections.

And the way to stop the innocent dying is not to retreat, to withdraw, to hand these people over to the mercy of religious fanatics or relics of Saddam, but to stand up for their right to decide their Government in the same democratic way the British people do.

Ten days ago, after years of struggle, finally in Afghanistan, 6 million people voted freely to decide their own future.

How dare the terrorists justify their campaign of hate by claiming they are angry about Afghanistan? Was it better under their Taleban?

They use Iraq and Afghanistan, just as they use the cause of Palestine, whilst trying to destroy by terror the only solution that will ever work: a secure Israel living side-by-side with a viable independent and democratic Palestine.

Just as they chose the day of the G8 when the world was trying to address the heartbreaking poverty of Africa, to kill innocent people in London.

Strip away their fake claims of grievance and see them for what they are: terrorists who use 21st century technology to fight a pre-medieval religious war that is utterly alien to the future of humankind.

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