Saturday, September 03, 2005

September 7 Presidential Elections in Egypt

Middle East Media Research Institutes dispatch on upcoming elections in Egypt.

Egypt is changing and this wouldn't have happened without Bush.

And then this curious comment from an interview with Sunni Clerics Council in Iraq Secretary-General Sheik Hareth Al-Dhari telling us United State's interests lie with the Sunnis in the middle east.
Host: "Why isn't America concerned about Shi'ite ethnic continuity in southernIraq and in Iran, which will jeopardize American interests in the future?"

Sheikh Al-Dhari: "America today, after the failure of its enterprise in Iraq,wants to make immediate and swift profits in support of Bush and the current government. Bush doesn't care what will happen afterwards, once he has left theWhite House."

Host: "Even if it runs counter to American interests?"

Sheik Al-Dhari: "Even if it runs counter to American interests, because in my view, his behavior and the behavior of the people around him show no consideration for American interests. Otherwise, they would have spoken more candidly to their people about the failure of their enterprise, and they would have withdrawn their forces from this country.
American policy is no longer about picking strong men, and factions to support American interests but the recognition that international democracy and our self-interests are now one. Sheik Al-Dhari's dismayed a bit about that but he has sense enough to know his self-interest, even in opposing the new Iraqi constitution, it to participate in the democratic political process by asking Sunni's to vote against it. That's got to be good.

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