Saturday, September 03, 2005

our responsibility

A good quote from President Truman cited by House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Steven Buyer:
President Harry S. Truman, in a radio address broadcast that was part of the surrender ceremonies on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri, in Tokyo Bay, paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and who bore the pain of loss. He invoked our nation’s consequent obligation and spoke with promise of the future open to us through their sacrifices:

“God grant that in our pride of the hour, we may not forget the hard tasks that are still before us; that we may approach these with the same courage, zeal, and patience with which we faced the trials and problems of the past 4 years.

Our first thoughts, of course--thoughts of gratefulness and deep obligation--go out to those of our loved ones who have been killed or maimed in this terrible war. On land and sea and in the air, American men and women have given their lives so that this day of ultimate victory might come and assure the survival of a civilized world. No victory can make good their loss.

We think of those whom death in this war has hurt, taking from them fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, and sisters whom they loved. No victory can bring back the faces they longed to see.

Only the knowledge that the victory, which these sacrifices have made possible, will be wisely used, can give them any comfort. It is our responsibility--ours, the living--to see to it that this victory shall be a monument worthy of the dead who died to win it.”

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